Practice Schedule

Practice Schedule Oct-Dec 2015 (download)

Practice Schedule Jan 2016 (download)

Practice Schedule Feb-Apr 2016 (download)

Please notify the head coach ASAP when you know you cannot attend a training session.



5 thoughts on “Practice Schedule

  1. Great start Mike, hope the cooperative training loads with local clubs works out in the early transition. It will be nice when you can get the team up to LTAD standards of training but, as you say, “gotta show up” and that won’t happen if everything changes overnight.

    • Well Dave it is not the same with out you but you have taught some of the new coaches some good things, yet some still need a kick in the back side (if you know what I mean and I am sure you do)

  2. I have been watching water polo team practices for 7 years now and I have never seen such an organized and well balanced practice. Look forward to see how these kids execute what they learn in game conditions. These kids are pumped!

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