Upcoming Referee Course Feb 27-Mar 1

The evolution of a high performance athlete is more than just training and playing. Becoming a student of the game and learning all facets of the game is very important for the athletes development. This is why all Provincial Team athletes to attend this referee course which the MWPA is hosting Feb 27-Mar 1 (except for those who have already taken it).

From the Provincial Team Parent/Athlete Handbook for this season:

“New to this season will be mandatory referee and coach education/training. All good athletes need to take refereeing courses and coaching courses when available. I will be working with MWPA to make both of these available during the season for Provincial Team athletes to take. It is an important part of being a good Water Polo player and comes in line with being a student of the game. It also gives the athlete the chance to give back to the sport and support the next generation of up and coming athletes.”

Refereeing is also not a bad source of casual income, as most referee’s are paid between $10-20/game.

You need to RSVP to the Provincial Team Head Coach by the end of this week (Feb 6) as a minimum number of participants are needed to run the course.

Also, please RSVP the to the Provincial Team Head Coach if you have already taken this course.


  • Fri February 27, 2015 – 6pm to 9pm
  • Sat February 28, 2015 – 12 to 5pm
  • Sun March 1, 2015 – 10am to 12pm

Location: TBC (likely Pan Am)

Facilitator will be Nancy Smith.

Fee – $100

About the Regional Ref Course

The Regional Referee course is an entry-level referee education program into the competition stream.  People entering this course should have some prior water polo experience as a player, coach, minor official, or Community Referee.  The Regional Referee course is designed for athletes in the Technical Foundations (male 9-12 and female 8-11), Competitive Foundations (male 12-16 and female 11-15), and the Active for Life (all ages) pathways.  Athletes and coaches are receiving their first exposure to organized and structured competition.  The type of competition for the Regional Referee is regional and provincial events.

The Regional Referee involves training in the basic rules of water polo, and training as a minor official.  The Regional Referee is taught to apply age appropriate FINA rules based on the growth and development principles, and the purpose of competition, of the stage of development of LTAD.  The Regional Referee will be considered “trained” after completion of a training workshop, which involves theory and practical training.  Once the referee completes the training workshop, he/she must complete the evaluation process in order to receive the status of “certified”.  Evaluation requires the completion of an online exam, 20 hours of refereeing (scrimmages or games), and 3 evaluations.  Professional development is encouraged at this level, and referees will be required to maintain their certification every 2 years by remaining active.



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